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Gail Girard

Bloomington Public Schools
DAPE Teacher
I have had the fortune to have taught in all levels of service 1-5 and have taught every disability category. I began my DAPE career in 1979. (yes - well before many of you were born!) My first DAPE job was in Fergus Falls, MN. The school I taught in was located within the State Hospital working with students 4-21.   From there I moved to Intermediate District 916; the school I taught in was a segregated site working with secondary through 21 year olds.  The end of my career has been in Bloomington Public Schools working with K through 21. Currently I teach at a high school and our transition program.  I have been the Region 11E lead and had the honor to be part of the State Leadership Committee in its earlier days. I am proud to say my father created the DAPE logo we still use today! I am old enough to have been teaching DAPE before the State required a DAPE license! This will be my last year of teaching, and I have been so blessed to have been able to have been a part of this great profession!